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About Department

Information System (IS) Department one of the three Departments of the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology in Rabigh. IS established in 1429/1430 AH, and activated in the second semester in the academic year 1430/1431 AH, where the number of students who have been accepted to study in the first year of this specialization was 20 students. IS has qualified academic staff in both boys and girls section, who are working to provide the best in the field of information systems for students with the latest techniques. IS department is well equipped with modern labs, and with the latest modern appliances and equipment, the classrooms also provided with modern equipments to meet the needs of students and faculty members
To produce highly qualified and skillful students those who can conduct top-notch scientific research and providing training both at national and international level.
  • Preparing students to be well-equipped with up-to-date knowledge and the exposure to business and technologies.
  • Preparing students to cope with the current and future requirements and needs of companies and organizations, both at the national and international levels.
  • Launching the new Masters in Information Systems soon.
  • Supporting and organizing extra-curricular activities to help students develop important sense and skills in character building, social networking and leadership cultivation
Information Systems professionals are concerned with the relationship between information systems and the organizations that use them, extending from theory and principles to application and development. Many Information System professionals are also concerned with system deployment, configuration, the support and training of users. They also study the organization's needs to undertake the required software maintenance. In many cases, they develop new systems using different software products to fulfill the organization's needs. As we can see in Figure 2, Information Systems scope covers the most upper levels.  

This is due the unawareness of Information System professionals about Computer Hardware and Architecture, and also their involvement in systems infrastructure are limited to applied and practical aspects of technology.

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