Faculty of Computing and Information Technology in rabigh - Department of Information System

Message From Chairman

Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon his Prophet and Messenger Mohammed, his family and companions.

The Department of Information Systems was inaugurated in its two parts in 1431 AH, and both parts work together in parallel inside newly designed buildings equipped with laboratories that serve the educational and research process. The department awards a bachelor’s degree in information systems after successfully completing the requirements of this specialization, which extends to 10 semesters. The department also seeks to include a master’s degree in the near future.

The department aims to provide advanced and distinguished education according to modern educational curricula that are subject to international quality standards with the aim of graduating a generation of distinguished performance, conducting high-level scientific research and providing training and advisory services to all sectors of society.

The faculty members in the department at the two halves contribute to achieving the desired goal set by the department. They are distinguished by their high-level academic experience. Currently, the Information Systems Department includes 13 members in the Male Section (three associate professors, six assistant professors, two lecturers and a teaching assistant). While the female section includes 9 faculty members (four assistant professors, three lecturers and two instructors). The department also has a number of scholarships and scholarships expected to return with various scientific degrees to contribute to the development of the educational process in the department.


We ask God, the Most High, the Great to guide our steps to what He loves and is pleased with, and to bless us in our efforts.

God grants success.

Dr. Hassan Al-Yamani
Chairman of Department of Information Systems



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